SJGS Scrip Program

How does the Saint Joseph Scrip Program work? Scrip is gift cards. When you shop, use the scrip purchased from SJGS just like cash at many local and national retail stores. That’s how simple this program is.

Instead of fundraising by asking you to purchase items you may not want, using scrip allows you to raise funds for the school by buying the things you are buying anyway, like groceries and gas. The merchants on our list contribute anywhere between 1.5 to 20 percent of every purchase made with scrip to the Saint Joseph Scrip Program. For instance, if you purchase $125 of Martin’s scrip and $25 of Speedway scrip for 40 weeks, you will generate $200 of scrip profit.

$125 x 40 weeks = $5000; $5000 @ 3% profit = $150

$25 x 40 weeks = $1000; $1000 @ 5% profit = $50

When you use scrip for more items, like dining out, gifts, office supplies, clothing, and household needs, the potential funds for our program is limitless!

Scrip is available for sale at the school during school hours as well as after the Saturday 5pm and Sunday 8am and 10am Masses (except Christmas and Easter) at the back table by the reconciliation room. During the school year, orders can be placed by phone, email, or by sending in the order to school with your SJGS student. Any orders sent to school will be filled and sent back that same day. Phone and email requests received by 10am will also be sent home that day. Any requests received afterwards will be sent home the next school day. Summer hours are limited, but you can always purchase scrip online. Contact the Scrip Office for more details!

At the top of this page, you will see a link to the scrip order form. It will show you what is currently in stock. There is also another link to the list from The Great Lakes Scrip Center. This list will show you all retailers that participate in scrip. For any retailer on that list that you would like to purchase and is not in stock, please contact our Scrip Office at 574-210-8000 or, and your request will be added to the school’s order, which is placed on Mondays by 10am. You can expect it by Thursday of that same week.

*Fundraising Requirement
In addition to tuition and registration fees, Saint Joseph Grade School has a yearly $300/family Scrip Fundraising Requirement. Each family is expected to earn at least $300 fundraising profit through the parish’s Scrip Program by March 31. Those unable to meet the goal will be billed for the remainder. However, 50% of family profit earned over $300 can be returned as a rebate or credited forward to the following year’s tuition! Thank you for participating in the Scrip Program, which is the primary fundraiser for our school!