Wellness & Safety

Wellness and safety programs in place at SJGS help ensure that our students are cared for, and care for each other. Part of a complete education of mind and heart includes learning about how to have healthy minds, bodies, and souls.

Lunch & Snacks

SJGS provides a hot lunch program for students on most Mondays and Fridays during the school year. We partner with local restaurants to provide balanced and nutritious lunch menus that include fresh fruit and vegetables. Families may also purchase milk at a reduced rate.

Snacks also play an important role in ensuring students are able to maintain their focus on learning throughout the day. Most grades provide one or two short snack breaks during the day.

Our After School Care program partners with The Purple Porch, an organic food co-op in our neighborhood, to provide healthy snacks for children staying after school.

Physical Health

In addition to promoting physical health through our physical education and athletics programs, SJGS provides recess time for all students each day. Our large, fenced Parish Green, opened in 2016, provides a safe grass field for children to play soccer and football. Children make use of our blacktop courtyard for basketball, kickball, foursquare, hopscotch, jumprope, and tag. Our younger grades also make use of our separate playground structure. These spaces become filled with snowmen and snow angles during the winter months!

Of course, with a lot of physical activity comes the occasional skinned knee. SJGS is equipped with a nurses office and a nurse to attend to health issues. In addition to providing basic care and assistance with medications, our nurse maintains health forms and oversees vision and hearing screenings.


Saint Joseph Grade School employs a school counselor three days a week. Our counselor works in the classrooms presenting and guiding discussions on a variety of topics including friendships, bullying, “I Care” messages, positive self-esteem, and safe environment. Junior high students expand beyond these topics to learn about about career paths, transitions, and leadership development.

From time-to-time, SJGS hosts guest speakers to inspire and model great character. Recent visits include Notre Dame women’s basketball players discussing Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” with 6th graders, and players from the Indianapolis Colts talking with our 6th-8th graders about bullying and the devastating effects this behavior has on students who are bullied.

Our school counselor also helps students and families navigate conflict or other difficult issues that may arise.

Safety & Security

Saint Joseph Grade School takes the safety and security of our students seriously. We believe it is important to continuously analyze and improve our processes and procedures. Routinely throughout the year, our students and staff practice a variety of safety drills in order to practice preparedness in case of emergency. Our safety committee meets monthly to make recommendations for our school. Read a letter from Principal Azar regarding Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and visit the SRP website for more details or view the summary flyer.

We also, as is policy for our diocese, work to ensure that all employees and volunteers having contact with our children are screened through the diocesan Safe Environment program.