Educating Minds

“Among all human pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is more perfect, more noble, more useful, and more full of joy.... Through this pursuit man especially approaches to a likeness to God Who 'made all things in wisdom' (Ps. 103:24).” ~St. Thomas Aquinas



A Holy Cross education begins with a rigorous and full development of the mind. Saint Joseph Grade School is committed to academic excellence. We offer a core curriculum that far exceeds state and federal standards. Our students consistently excel on state and national standardized tests due in large part to our emphasis on mastering fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics. Traditional core studies are enhanced with classes in music, art, computers, physical education, foreign language, and religion.


Saint Joseph Grade School is also dedicated to providing support resources and programs to help each child excel to his or her full potential. We invest in resource staff and signature enrichment programs, such as “Minds in Motion” and “Project Lead the Way,” to ensure our students are prepared to succeed.


Academic excellence is most easily achieved when quality instruction is provided. Our faculty and staff are committed to working as a team, and have access to training and resources that allow them to offer the best possible academic instruction. Yet, what sets our teachers apart is their commitment to fulfilling their profession with enthusiasm and love. They are animated by a spirit of zeal, seeking to challenge their students to reach their fullest potential in both mind and heart.

Academics at SJGS

Preschool Programs

Providing a foundation for our youngest minds.

K-8 Academic Program

Paving the path to academic excellence.

Resource & Enrichment

Helping each child excel to his or her fullest potential.