Student Leadership

“Knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use.” ~Blessed Basil Moreau

Through the education of heart and mind, we seek to foster development of both knowledge and virtue. Throughout their time at SJGS, students are provided opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills in a way that encourages placing Christian virtue at the heart of working with others. In junior high, students have greater opportunity to become positive role models for younger students, and we help them to understand the responsibility that comes with being a leader.

Below are some of the dedicated programs geared towards leadership at SJGS:

Student Leadership Team

Students in grades 5-8 that are models of academic excellence and outstanding character have the opportunity to apply to be a part of the SJGS Student Leadership Team (SLT). Under the guidance of the school principal, the SLT provides input on school based procedures, programs, and other pertinent matters, and provides another avenue for school administrators to connect with students.

Student Council
The SJGS Student Council organizes a variety of initiatives throughout the school year. Once a month, the council organizes an “out of uniform day” to raise money, often in response to a need supporting a school or local cause. Student Council also assists in organizing spirit and showcase events for our school.
Buddy Program

Beginning in 4th grade, SJGS students begin taking on mentorship roles within our school as part of our “buddy” program. Older students are matched with younger peers, and sit with them at weekly Mass as a way to build leadership skills, to model responsibility and mature behavior, and to encourage community between students of varying grade levels. Buddies also meet from time-to-time throughout the year to share highlights from their classroom, such as sharing a book they’ve written. Younger students are often excited to see their buddies throughout the halls at SJGS!

Family Group Leaders

The purpose, as composed by our 8th graders, of our school Family Groups is “to grow as leaders and friends and connect the whole school through faith and service.”

SJGS 8th grade students team up to lead 21 families, composed of two or three students from each grade, carefully preparing for and directing each monthly get-together. In leading these family sessions for their younger peers, 8th graders learn and grow throughout the year — a unique opportunity to develop as leaders and role models!