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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 234-0451

Tuition Information

Saint Joseph Grade School tuition rates are published each year in early April. 

Please click the link below to view a letter from Fr. Kevin Russeau, C.S.C., pastor of Saint Joseph Parish, detailing the tuition rate and fees for the 2016-17 academic year.

Tuition Rates for School Year 2016-17

Parish Subsidized Rate of Tuition for Active Parishioners

If you wish to apply for the Parish Subsidized Rate of Tuition, the diocese requires that you submit an Affidavit of Active Parishioner Status each year. The pastor will review each completed affidavit before the applicable tuition rate is set for each student.

Saint Joseph parishioners may complete the affidavit online during the Enrollment Period in April. If you are parishioners at a local parish without a parish school (e.g. Little Flower, Sacred Heart), you should not complete the affidavit offered in online enrollment, but instead submit the affidavit form linked on the left side of this page after it is signed by your pastor.

If your family is newly registered at Saint Joseph Church, you may complete the affidavit in the online enrollment system if you agree to the expectations described and provide a letter from your former pastor verifying you are active registered parishioners in good standing. Those unable to provide a letter will be subject to the standard rate of tuition for a period of six months and will have the opportunity to apply for the parish subsidy after that time.

Active Parishioner Expectations
In order to be eligible for the Parish Subsidized Rate of Tuition, you must be active parishioners, regularly participating in stewardship of prayer, service, and sacrificial giving within the parish. An active parishioner:

  1. Participates in weekly Sunday Mass, including regular worship at Saint Joseph Church.
  2. Is involved in parish ministries, events, and service opportunities through both the school and the church. Active parishioners would be easily recognizable by the Pastor or parish staff as being actively involved at the parish.
  3. Participates in regular offertory giving using envelopes or EFT (electronic funds transfer), including pledging in any parish capital campaign and the Annual Bishop’s Appeal. Your financial support of the parish should be in proportion to the way you have been blessed. Those receiving tuition assistance are also asked to contribute what they can on a regular basis.
  4. Is current on tuition payments and all associated school fees. Individual circumstances will be accommodated as possible if they are brought to the attention of the Pastor and Principal.

Please contact the parish office at 574-234-3134 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Parish Subsidized Rate of Tuition or Active Parishioner Status.

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