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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 234-0451

Principal's Newsletter

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August 4, 2015

Dear Saint Joseph Grade School Families,

I keep saying to many parents and myself that summer is not over, but as we approach the first day of school in three short weeks, alas, it will end. There is something to say about starting the day after Labor Day as they do on the east coast and perhaps to the west. This week the office opened, and as always, there are many who have questions that we are trying to answer as best we can, but your patience is greatly appreciated. This first week is always hectic as we try to get in the “swing of things” and make sure all is well for the first day. This has been compounded by the fact that the diocesan server crashed early last week, and everyone is working hard to make sure all data is recovered for all schools. Our use of an online registration system has been beneficial in our own process in recovering data for our school.

This school year we will be sending an email communication to all parents on a weekly basis. Hopefully, this format will give families an opportunity to read, in smaller chunks, communication from the school. I fully expect that the first few weeks of August will have much information to disperse, but eventually, the pace will become more manageable with less to read each week. Please know that teacher communication is handled differently than general communication that goes out to all families.

As you might guess, due to the construction, parents will soon be receiving directives on drop off and pickup as well as parking during this new school year.

There have been changes in staff that all need to be aware of before we begin the new school year. Shortly before the end of the year Mrs. Green announced that she would not be returning to St. Joseph as a junior high language arts teacher. She decided to take a position in a non-teaching field. We all wish her luck in her new job and will certainly miss her presence in the classroom. The Green family remains at St. Joseph, so I am sure many will have opportunities to see her in church or at parish activities. Mrs. Steinhiser will be teaching language arts to sixth graders and one section of seventh grade this year. Mrs. Steinhiser and Mrs. Regnery are very excited about working together, and I am sure the curriculum will continue to grow under their leadership. The fifth grade position has been filled, and we welcome Mrs. Liane Albert who is a member of the parish along with her husband Chris and their three children. Mrs. Albert brings over six years of experience with most of them being in diocesan schools prior to her having children as well as teaching fifth grade this past year.

I close this week with some exciting news about a new committee that has been formed called: St. Joe CARES (Care, Acceptance, and Respect for Every Student). The mission of CARES is: making God known, loved, and served through activities and communications. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Marian Miller and a group of parents who began discussing this initiative this past year. Father Kevin, myself, and school staff members are excited about the role this group will provide in enhancing what we do at St. Joseph. This group is a sub-committee of the school Catholic Identity group where we will discuss how we all can be Ambassadors for each other. Mrs. Miller will be the lead CARES Ambassador this year, but you will soon find that each grade level has Ambassadors that have been active on the committee and will take on this role for a particular grade level where they have children. Expect to be hearing more about the work of this committee and how you can be an active participant in being an Ambassador for your child and others. This week you will hear about special activities being planned in August and early September for your child’s grade level. Let us all do our best to participate to the fullest as we welcome St. Joe CARES for all.

God bless the St. Joseph Community and welcome to a new school year.

Mrs. Wiwi





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