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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
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Principal's Newsletter

June 8, 2015

Saint Joseph Families,

Another year has gone by, and once again I realize how quickly time passes from days, to months, and years. It is funny because, perhaps like many of you, I do not think about the physical, just an unbelievable sigh of relief that all is good. Like every other year, my reflections are always about what we have done well and what we can improve on, but always with gratitude for the teaching staff and the children and parents, as well as the support of the Pastoral Team, School Board, HASA, and Athletics. I often wish I could “bottle” all the good I see happening every day and magically pour it out when the not so good days happen, but I always remember what I tell the children when they are having a bad day – you can do it and it will be better tomorrow and we will help you.

As the year ends I always feel that my goal is to focus on what is good and make it even better. What I ask of everyone else is to also focus on what is good and endearing and help it to continue. Let me give you two recent examples, of many, that help me to continue to think positively each day.

Last week many of us grieved and will continue to do so over the passing of Robert Sedlack. But what you may have also seen are children who supported in so many ways his children. Our community came together to support the Sedlack family with prayer and laughter. I was so proud of the fifth and seventh graders as well as many others who saw the importance of sharing this time with Emma and Trey. What I see over and over again in so many ways are children that are good and we are blessed.

Field Day Friday was another example of our school community coming together to have fun and enjoy time together. It was a wonderful day with once again parents coming together to plan a day for our children. I saw children, teachers, and parents laughing and joking and having the best time. Yes, everyone was tired and hot, but the positive energy was unbelievable. What a beautiful day!

These are just two recent examples, and I could fill pages with the many positive strokes I see every day, and yes there are some bumps but you learn from them and each year you work harder to make it good.

I love this school and parish and I want to thank all of you for making it possible in so many ways. Thank you: students, teachers, and parents. It has been a great year! Have a wonderful summer and remember to pray a little each day for everyone.

God bless and have a wonderful summer.


Mrs. Wiwi





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