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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 234-0451

Hot Lunch Program



NEW THIS YEAR! By popular demand, we are adding a Jimmy John’s day! On the first Friday of each month when school is in session, we will offer a meal of a Jimmy John’s sandwich and a bag of chips. The choices are from the JJ “Slim” menu – so they are served without lettuce, tomato, sprouts, etc… Choices are Turkey, Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef or plain Cheese. We will have mustard and mayo packets available. In March, we will be trying out a “soup and salad” day. Details will follow, but we will offer a couple of soup options and a salad. If that is well‐received, we may add that as a regular day in future years. If you want to order ahead, please do so, and I will contact you to make choices when we know more specifics. The final change to the program for 2014-15 that we will no longer be offering Studebagels. The prices increased dramatically last year, and overall it was not cost-effective to continue to include this offering.

Please read this carefully for important information to ensure that your child will receive hot lunch! A few gentle reminders about the hot lunch order forms:

  • We are serving hot lunch for over 300 kids, so unfortunately we cannot “customize” your child’s order. Each year we get orders with “no cheese” or “light sauce” written in the margin but we cannot accommodate those requests.
  • Some meals offer a choice of sandwich/sauce/meal. Please make sure you select one, or your child might be disappointed. If you do not make a specific selection, your child will get: 


o Jimmy John's – TURKEY


o Fiesta Friday – BEEF TACO

  • One form per child, please. You may write one check for your family, but each child needs a form. Forms are linked on the left sidebar of this page, so please print one out if you’ve misplaced the one sent home with your child.
  • Please double-check each form to ensure that it is filled out with all choices marked clearly. If you let your kids fill out the forms, please make sure the forms are complete, legible, and accurate, and that your check is for the correct amount.
  • Please read the form carefully. I will do my best to note on the form when a particular class will not be in school (e.g., Kindergarten visitation day), so please do not order for a day when your child will not be in school.
  • We do not issue refunds. If you don’t send the correct amount in cash or if you pay for a day your child will be absent, the overpayment will be considered a donation.
  • Checks are preferred. Sending cash is generally a bad idea. Occasionally, orders disappear, and without the ability to trace a payment by check, there’s nothing we can do if an order gets lost.
  • DEADLINES are not just suggestions. To process the forms and allow enough time to order food from vendors, we need the lead time they provide. If an order comes in late, we will not guaranty that your child will get hot lunch.

REMEMBER – You can order for the entire year in advance! The forms are posted on the left sidebar of this page. Fill them out, write one check, and be done! If you don’t want to do the whole year at once, you can do several months at a time, or order by semester!

ONE FINAL ITEM: The hot lunch program is a fundraiser for the school. It supports many different classes and projects. Thank you kindly for your support of the program!

Questions or concerns? Call, text, or email Kristin Pruitt:


Nutrition News Minimize


Eating a healthy lunch is important for the growth and development of our children. A nutritious lunch will help keep students alert and ready to learn in the afternoon. Saint Joseph School operates in the Child Nutrition Programs by offering milk to our students.
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