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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 234-0451

Saint Joseph Grade School Uniform Policy

Updated for the 2016-17 School Year

The administration and staff reserve the right to evaluate each uniform/grooming/accessory situation and choose the appropriate action for students not complying with the stated policy.

Clothing/Shoes/Physical Education Clothes


     • Appropriate shirt colors are light blue, navy and white. 
• Boys and girls may wear plain, unadorned light blue, white or navy collared shirts.
• Boys and girls may also wear uniform shirts with a Saint Joseph School emblem purchased from the Athletic Association. 
• Boys and girls may wear the Blue Ribbon polo shirt.
• Boys and girls may also wear a plain white turtleneck.
• No ruffles, piping, embroidery or emblems are allowed. Except for the authorized uniform shirt, all shirts must be plain and unadorned.
• Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 
• If an undershirt is worn, it must be plain white. 

Pants, Shorts, Belts:
• Appropriate pant and short colors are navy blue or khaki tan. 
• Appropriate pant and short materials are cotton or cotton blend. No knit or fleece or denim material.
• Navy corduroy pants are permitted. Tan corduroy pants are not permitted.
• Pants must be plain front or pleated. No cargo pants or shorts are permitted. 
• All pants and shorts must be plain; no emblems, studs, embroidery, extra pockets or other embellishments are allowed.
• Girls’ pants are to be worn no lower than two inches below the natural waist. No hip hugger, low riders or slits on pant legs. 
• Boys’ pants must be worn at natural waist. 
• Shorts may be worn prior to Thanksgiving, and again after Saint Joseph's Feast Day in March.
• Shorts must be “walking” shorts, not more than two inches above the knee.
• Skorts or culottes are considered skirts. Girls may not wear khaki skorts or culottes.
• Boys and girls in grades six through eight must wear solid color black or brown belts with pants or shorts. 

Skirts and Jumpers:
• Girls may wear navy skirts or plaid skirts or plaid jumpers. 
• The plaid skirt, plaid skort, and plaid jumper may only be ordered from Lands End in Navy/Evergreen. 
• Skirts may not be shorter than two inches above the knee.
• Skirts may not be rolled.
• Solid navy jumpers are not permitted.

• Appropriate sweater colors are hunter green or navy blue. 
• Boys and Girls may wear cardigans, crew neck or v-neck sweaters or sweater vests.
• Sweaters must have an appropriate collared shirt underneath.
• Sweaters must be plain cotton or cotton-blend. No fleece or ribbed materials or design permitted.

• Boys and girls may wear the uniform sweatshirt or the crew neck navy blue sweatshirt with Saint Joseph School emblem, which can be purchased on-line through Spirit Wear.
• Saint Joseph Spirit Wear, including the half zip fleece sweatshirts, wind pants, hooded sweatshirt, and other non-uniform articles of clothing, may not be worn in class. 

• Girls’ shoes may be solid tan, brown, black or navy saddle, Mary Jane styles, loafers, or ballet flats.
• Heels may not exceed one inch. 
• Sandals or open toe shoes are not permitted. 
• No shoes with wheels or boots for outdoor wear are permitted in school.
• Boys’ shoes may be solid tan, brown, black or navy hiker shoes, loafers, mocs or dress shoe styles. 
• Boys and girls may also wear lace up or Velcro athletic shoes. No slip-on rubber soled shoes are permitted.

• Socks or tights must be worn with all shoe wear and must be clearly visible.
• Girls may wear solid white, tan, brown, black, navy or hunter green socks or tights. 
• Boys may wear white or tan, brown, black or navy socks. (multi-colored soccer socks are not acceptable)

Physical Education:
• Students in grades four through eight will change for gym.
• The gym uniform is mandatory and no other gym clothes are permitted.
• Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn. No slip-on rubber soled shoes are permitted.
• Gym clothing is permitted during gym periods only.
• Students are responsible for bringing the gym uniform for gym; parents and guardians will NOT be called if your student is unprepared for gym.


• No more than two ear piercings per ear for girls and no earrings for boys are permitted. 
• Post earrings are preferred; dangling earrings must be a reasonable length.
• Boys’ and girls’ jewelry must be appropriate for school and may not be distracting. Girls’ jewelry must be limited to a maximum of two bracelets and one necklace. Bracelets for boys are also limited to a total of two.

• Hair must be clean, combed and of an appropriate length above the eye.
• Cell phones must be turned off and remain in backpacks during school and while on school property. Phones will be confiscated if used in class and must be picked up in the office by a parent 

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