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Saint Joseph Grade School
216 North Hill Street
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 234-0451

Peace Works Program

Saint Joseph Grade School provides students in K-5 with a Peace Education Program based on the "I-Care Rules." These lessons are presented at least twice a month and are reinforced by the classroom teacher. Before each of the lessons, students review the rules and discuss any possible concerns they may have about the rules or problems they are experiencing.

Example "I CARE RULES" For K-2

1. We listen to each other.
2. Hands are for helping not hurting.
3. We use I-Care language.
4. We care about each other's feelings.
5. We are responsible for what we say and do.

Peace Works Lessons Include:

  • Making friends: children are taught how to make and be a friend, as well as the importance of friendship.
  • Listening, with ears and hearts: discussion includes the importance of and how to listen, and understanding other points of view.
  • Using hands appropriately: lessons about the importance of our hands and using them in kind and productive ways.
  • Manners: lessons on how to be respectful, share, be patient, and use manner words.
  • Feelings and verbal/non-verbal expression: being able to recognize them and why they are important in our lives. Children learn how to handle and express feelings in appropriate ways (versus throwing things, yelling, pushing, or having tantrums).
  • Understanding differences
  • Identifying and approaching bullying and threats
  • Working through conflicts
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